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Overseas events

21 January 2019

With the number of overseas events continuing to increase, it’s surprising how many clients think that the UK policy also covers the cars worldwide, for example in America or Africa. The Road Risks section of the policy extends to cover countries within the EU but if cover is required...


21 January 2019

Clients are asking us about the effect of a “no deal” situation and there is no certainty around this so we can only give our best guess. Currently all UK drivers with insurance are automatically covered to drive in all the countries within the European Economic Area as well...

Supercar insurance

21 January 2019

The problems and premiums on very high value modern cars are increasing. There have been two well publicised repair bills on McLaren F1s a couple of years ago which were around £1m, but in the last year the insurance market has seen a number of total loss fire claims....

Cyber crime

21 January 2019

It has become apparent that over the past year there has been a sharp increase in payment fraud involving classic and specialist vehicles. Hackers have identified traders who are obviously dealing in very high value vehicles and have hacked into their emails. They have followed the negotiations around the...

Risk of damage to cars in the hands of motor traders

21 June 2017

In our first newsletter entitled “Car Values and Insurance” we outlined the reasons for having an Agreed Value insurance policy through a specialist insurance broker, the main one being of course that if the car is stolen or damaged to the point of it being a total loss the...

Tips for laying up your vehicle

20 June 2017

A few things to check out if you have laid up your car: If possible store the car away from windows or openings to avoid moisture or extreme temperatures. Keeping the car under cover prevents scratches occurring whilst in the garage. A fresh coat of wax will also help prevent...

Top tips for wine investors

20 June 2017

Many of our clients have added to their wine collection over the period of insurance. If you’re a collector of wine you should consider these brief tips: Most standard Household insurance policies exclude cover for perishable or fragile goods such as wine so make sure you check it out....

Insurance of foreign registered vehicles

20 June 2017

Over the years this question has caused a lot of confusion with motor traders going abroad and bringing back foreign registered vehicles. For many years the situation was that you couldn’t drive a car in its country of registration i.e. an Italian registered car in Italy or a German...